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Taking care of your teeth is our #1 priority and we hope it’s a priority for you too.

You should brush your teeth after every meal or snack. If your schedule does not permit this, brush after breakfast and right before going to bed. Make sure you brush for at least two minutes, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces of your teeth. The important areas to concentrate on are where the gums and the teeth meet

Flossing every day helps to ensure healthy teeth for years to come. A toothbrush cannot clean between your teeth. Flossing accomplishes this. A tip to remember: Only floss the teeth that you want to keep.

Dr. Matheson or one of his staff members can talk to you about the specifics of cleaning your teeth including whether you may benefit from using dental hygiene aids other than a regular toothbrush and floss.

As a dentist in Queen Creek, helping you reach your optimal health is our top priority. We are committed to listening to your needs and giving you the education and resources you need to make informed decisions regarding your dental health. Our focus is to provide the highest of quality dentistry that not only makes you look your best but more importantly, enhances your dental health and overall well-being.

A dentist that you can trust will you want expert dental care provided by someone who cares about you and your family.  

We build relationships Everyone has their own story connection and a ‘real’ relationship.  

As a full service family dentist in Queen Creek  Dr. Matheson Friendly, warm compassionate, painless, caring, cohesive, organized, comfort, knowledgable, trust, calm, professional,  Matheson Dentistry is a full service dentist located in Queen Creek, Arizona with advanced training in Dental Implants and Oral Surgery techniques.

Make friends with your dentist Relationships, Trust, Expertise Welcome to our friendly Queen Creek dental office. Dr. Matheson’s roots run deep Queen Creek.  

Growing up in Queen Creek, Dr. Matheson Success is inevitable Dr. Matheson is your hometown dentist.  Born and raised right here in Queen Creek, he believes in building solid relationships.

We are here for you

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