Digital Imaging in Chandler, AZ

Digital Imaging is an important and helpful tool in the field of dentistry, and at Bellissimo Dentistry in Chandler Arizona, we are proud to offer cutting-edge Digital Imaging services to our patients. 

Digital Imaging allows us to diagnose potential issues quickly and accurately, helping us identify the right path for restoration or treatment. We have invested a great deal of time and energy into making sure our Digital Imaging equipment is both advanced and user-friendly, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best quality care. With Digital Imaging from Bellissimo Dentistry, you can rest assured that your dental health is in expert hands.

What is Digital Imaging?

Digital imaging has revolutionized the dental industry in many ways. Digital imaging is a branch of radiology that utilizes digital x-rays or sensors to capture and scan impressions from a patient’s mouth allowing for instant images that enable dentists to accurately diagnose problems inside the mouth. 

Unlike traditional dental x-rays, digital imaging does not require the use of radiation, making it significantly safer for patients of all ages. In addition, digital imaging allows for greater accuracy since it captures more intricate details from the mouth allowing dentists to assess areas that may have been overlooked with traditional film. With improved technology, shorter exposure times and fewer re-takes are required resulting in more accurate diagnoses and faster treatment plans for patients.

How does Digital Imaging work?

Digital imaging has been revolutionizing the dental industry over the past decade and is a valuable tool for dentists. 

A digital imaging system operates by first capturing an X-ray of the patient's mouth with a specialized sensor. This image is then digitally processed, meaning that information is extracted from it, such as granularity, size, and position. After this, the dentist can zoom in or out on the image to get a better look at individual areas or the entire image. Additionally, many digital imaging systems have added features such as extraoral imaging. The benefits of using digital imaging compared to traditional film radiography are numerous; it reduces radiation exposure for both clinicians and patients and allows for easier sharing of images between dentists in different locations. With digital imaging, your dentist can be provided with clear pictures of your teeth so that you can receive the best possible treatment plan with accuracy.

What are the benefits of digital imaging?

Digital imaging has revolutionized the way dentists practice. Not only does it provide more accurate diagnoses for conditions like cavities, teeth grinding, and periodontal disease, but it also allows for easier tracking of changes over time. This makes it easier to monitor progress and spot any potential issues much quicker than ever before.

Digital images can be magnified, cropped, stored electronically and sent nearly instantaneously to other medical or dental professionals. Additionally, images from digital x-rays have improved contrast quality which allows dentists to identify even slight signs of decay as well as preserve the clarity of the images long term. With digital imaging, complex dental procedures have become minimally invasive and thus less painful than ever before. The end result is better treatment outcomes for patients in less time—truly a win for everybody!

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