Ultratooth in Chandler, AZ

At Bellissimo Dentistry, we understand the importance of restoring your smile with a permanent, secure and reliable denture solution. That is why we offer Ultratooth--the latest advancement in dental implant technology for those who need dentures. 

Ultratooth gives you superior stability that can’t be matched by traditional dentures, allowing you to bite into food confidently without fear of slippage or embarrassment. Stop cycling through endless replacement dentures—let Ultratooth provide you with a durable, personalized solution that lasts. Contact Bellissimo Dentistry in Chandler, AZ to find out more.

What is Ultratooth?

For those considering dentures, Ultratooth implant technology is an outstanding choice. Ultratooth implants are made with the most advanced technology, delivering superior comfort and stability. They anchor directly into your jawbone, making them the next best thing to natural teeth! Unlike traditional dental implants, which require a complex surgical procedure and lengthy healing time, Ultratooth can restore your beautiful smile in half the time. Plus, their titanium alloy material ensures durability for years of worry-free functionality. With this choice, you can enjoy natural-looking results that provide superior support and stability that lasts for years to come.

How does Ultratooth work?

Ultratooth has revolutionized the denture process by providing a virtually seamless dental implant experience. 

The process begins with a full consultation with a qualified dentist, who evaluates the patient's unique case and recommends the best options for restoration. If a patient chooses Ultratooth implants, impressions are taken and custom-made molds crafted for each individual patient. Once the perfect set of implants is made, it's time for minor surgery - Ultratooth implants are placed within existing bone structure, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with minimal discomfort or risk. Finally, after the healing process is complete, you can enjoy your restored mouthful of pearly whites! Using Ultratooth, there's no need to worry about uncomfortable slips or embarrassing moments - just a beautiful smile that will stay in place for years as if it were your own teeth!

Benefits of Ultratooth

Ultratooth implants can be fabricated more quickly when compared with traditional implant methods, leading to better overall results in a shorter time frame. The benefits are clear. Just to name a few:

  • It’s painless and non-invasive. 
  • It can help you to dramatically improve your oral health.
  • It’s fast and convenient.
  • You can see results immediately.
  • Ultratooth can be used by anyone, regardless of age or dental background.
  • It enhances your appearance significantly.
  • The procedure is quite painless.
  • It has an amazing success rate compared to previous methods of replacing teeth.
  • The implant replaces the original tooth perfectly, keeping the root from shrinking.
  • Ultratooth implants have excellent longevity. 

New teeth in a day

Understanding that you don't want to wait to get the smile you deserve, Ultratooth offers fast tooth replacement solutions. The process of getting your new implants is surprisingly quick and easy, with the entire procedure completed in just one day. Our team of highly trained professionals can replace a full arch of missing teeth safely and comfortably – no pain involved. Plus, you'll get to walk away with an even more beautiful smile than before. So if you're looking for a fast solution for complete mouth reconstruction, Ultratooth is here to help make it happen.

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